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Using data on the Dataset Catalogue and Data Dashboards

Adding a Dashboard to SEED

Adding a Dashboard to SEED

The following steps describe the high-level process to add a pre-existing PowerBI or Tableau Dashboard on SEED.

Current Dashboards available on SEED are here.

Steps to build a Dashboard with SEED

1. Contact the SEED team ([email protected]) with either a PowerBI or Tableau link to a Dashboard you want to publish through SEED.

2. Organise a discussion to talk through the requirements of what content you want on the page supplementing your Dashboard frame. For this consider:

  • If you can, create a dataset for your Dashboard and/or the output data. It is best practice to link to at least a dataset of the Dashboard output as you cannot export data from embedded PowerBI dashboards. You will need to complete a metadata statement and a data quality statement. Please contact us for assistance with this.
  • Whatever page content you want, refer to our current Dashboards and the SEED content block examples. Click here for more block examples.
  • Whether your Dashboard has undergone accessibility testing and adheres to external branding guidelines.
  • Your release timelines and whether you want to organise communications and/or implement metrics to accompany the release of your Dashboard.

3. Provide SEED with the desired page content along with a completed dataset metadata statement and data quality statement.

4. SEED will then provide a mock-up of the page and organise a review session. SEED will make alterations if required and then iteratively review with you.

5. When ready to publish, first publish the associated IAR record. Let SEED know when the dataset has been published and we will link this to the Dashboard and publish the Dashboard.

NOTE: Contact SEED at any time with questions. SEED will need 3-4 weeks lead time to connect a Dashboard. This is outside any branding, accessibility testings and approvals which is the responsibility of the Dashboard owner. SEED is not responsible for maintaining the Dashboard at any point; the Dashboard therefore requires a clear product owner for maintenance and any enquiry response.