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Finding data on the Dataset Catalogue

Enhanced search user guide - SOLR query

How to use the query syntax

Query syntax using SOLR query language

The Query syntax allows the user to construct complex queries based on SOLR syntax, to create complex search queries and drill down into the data.

To activate query searching, click on the ‘add syntax query to search’ checkbox. You can remove this any time by unclicking the text box.

Advanced Search Syntax

Once you have added your query then click on ‘Find datasets’ to apply.

Examples are:

  • -topic:Health - do not show datasets with Category(topic) Health
  • +tags:Health - do show datasets that have Health tag
  • metadata_created:[NOW/YEAR TO *] - datasets that were created this year
  • metadata_created:[NOW/MONTH-1MONTH TO *] - datasets that were created during this and previous month
  • dataset_source:"oeh" - do show datasets from the Information Asset register

Click on the links below to download more terms.

To find search terms go to a record, click on metadata summary > export metadata > JSON

Exporting Metadata