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Growing knowledge with NSW environmental data.

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What is the SEED initiative?

SEED is the NSW Government’s central resource for Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data. It was developed for the NSW community in a collaborative effort between government agencies to provide an accessible and reliable platform for environmental data.

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Most Recent Datasets

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28 Feb 2021
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Boundaries of areas in NSW which are vested in the Minister administering the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 under Part 11.

NPWS Managed Land
22 Feb 2021
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

The Biodiversity Investment Opportunities Map (BIO Map) is a key deliverable of the NSW Government’s $40 million Green Corridors program, a Government priority action identified in NSW 2021...

22 Feb 2021
Nambucca Shire Council

This dataset represents fine-scale floristic vegetation mapping within eastern freehold lands of the Nambucca Local Government Area (LGA) and targeted mapping of Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC...

Plant Community Type, Threatened Ecological Communities, Vegetation map, Environment

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Popular Tools and Resources

To get the most out of SEED, we also provide tools and resources to help you access and use environmental data.

Miners and Explorers Map

See environmental map layers in NSW to assist in avoiding environmentally sensitive areas when planning exploration and mining projects.

Coal Seam Gas Boreholes

See the location and details of CSG boreholes across NSW, including the depth and when each was drilled.

Koala Habitat Information Base

See the state-wide Koala Habitat Information Base that has been developed as part of the NSW Koala Strategy. These datasets deliver the best available state-wide spatial data on koala habitat, likelihood, koala preferred trees and koala sightings for NSW. [Image: Scott Herrington/DPIE]

Bushfire-related Datasets

See the collection of datasets and analyses of NSW biodiversity and landscape to understand the broad environmental effects of the extraordinary fire events of 2019–20. This information supports fire research and recovery efforts.

Soil and Land Information

See soil information for NSW using the eSPADE information system. View profile, landscape and mapping products, such as soil type, land and soil capability, soil fertility, land use, soil landscape maps and acid sulfate risk maps.

Petroleum Titles

See who owns the rights to drill for petroleum resources in NSW. Combine this with the CSG Boreholes dataset to see who already has.

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Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

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NSW Environment Protection Authority

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NSW Government Spatial Services



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