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Involving Citizen Scientists

Design your Project with your Participants

You should aim to keep your participants in mind throughout your project.

To do this you need to understand their abilities, interests and limitations (i.e. time, availability, fitness, access to transport, etc.). Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your participants?
  • How will they be involved?
  • How do they benefit?
  • Is the project safe?
  • Is the project very technical?
  • Is the project engaging?

Citizen Scientists

When designing a project, it is important to be inclusive and supportive of all social and cultural backgrounds. Understanding the demographic of the chosen project location can help with planning and recruiting participants and/or project partners.

Additionally, understanding your participants' skills will help guide what training and educational material is required. A simple questionnaire or general discussion can help determine what skills your participants may have and what training they may require to support your project.

It is important to consider:

  • age
  • participant mobility
  • technical and computer skills
  • access to a computer and the internet.