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Themed Hub Environments on SEED

Published on Tuesday, 17 October 2023

SEED recognises the value and need for themed hub environments created in collaboration with different agencies and organisations to provide a place for the people of NSW to engage with SEED data and see how it is being used, or has the potential to be used in policy, research, and decision-making. To seamlessly connect users with subject-based data, SEED has launched Themed Hub Environments, a new service that fosters a self-sustaining community of practice where business areas and their communities can interact, access SEED data, and collectively derive insights and intelligence.

SEED’s first themed hub, the Water Hub, was developed in partnership with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment Water group (DPE Water). The Water Hub provides a space for the community to explore information, share and collaborate on water data, and facilitates discussion and feedback. The Water Hub is administered by DPE Water, and datasets are sourced live from the SEED portal.  

In line with SEED’s commitment to open data, all datasets within the Water Hub are freely available, and users can access data without the need to create an account or log in. However, creating a profile allows users to participate in forum discussions and receive notifications from the Hub.

The launch of Themed Hub Environments supports SEED’s vision of becoming the single source for relevant, robust, and integrated environmental data, by diversifying the insights, intelligence and communities SEED supports.

If your organisation is interested in this service, please reach out at: [email protected] 

For a tour of the Water Hub, click on the video below:

Image Credit: Peter Katelaris/DPE

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