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Subscribe to SEED datasets

Published on Monday, 21 June 2021

A new feature allowing users to subscribe to SEED datasets is now available across all datasets on the SEED portal.

Users can create an account and subscribe to datasets or SEED dataset filters, to be notified of updates to dataset changes, new or upcoming datasets, and receive announcements from SEED.

This allows users to be informed about changes to subscribed datasets before they impact dataset usage. It not only improves communication to users but also improves reliability with reduced downtime of SEED services, as administrators can send out messages to users subscribed to specific datasets and categories of anticipated changes, additions, broken links or downtime. Administrators will also receive notifications of broken datasets and attachments to fix them before they become an issue to users.

Users can select and tailor the information they receive, the frequency and the method of communication.

Live usage statistics are also available on datasets, allowing data custodians and users to monitor how the dataset is performing, and assess the popularity of datasets.

A help guide is available for step by step instructions on how to subscribe and manage your subscription preferences.


[Header image: Leah Pippos/DPIE]

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