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Vegetation mix

The NSW State Vegetation Type Map of Plant Community Types is now available

Published on Friday, 29 July 2022

Update: As part of the release of the consolidated NSW State Vegetation Type Map, the older services are superseded. Web services in the following datasets will be removed in 14 days.

Affected datasets are:



The consolidated NSW State Vegetation Type Map (SVTM) is now available on SEED. This is the first comprehensive regional scale map of Plant Community Types (PCTs).

You can easily access the maps at one location, and the consolidation of the data makes it easier for users to access and navigate. This spatial data aids with strategic decision-making about vegetation management and conservation.

There are three key datasets for the SVTM:

Users are welcome to provide any feedback or report issues related to the vegetation maps.

Watch the video below to see how to launch and use the maps on SEED and a demo on how to provide feedback.

SEED is focused on continuous improvement based on user feedback, so your suggestions are valuable to us. We are committed to providing a quality response and will continually work to improve our portal.


[Header image: Nicola Brookhouse/DPE]

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