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Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme_Photo by John Spencer DPE

NSW Flood Data Portal datasets are now available via SEED

Published on Friday, 16 September 2022

SEED has partnered with the NSW Flood Data Portal (FDP) to syndicate and connect over 2300 publicly available flood-related datasets and over 120 organisations to SEED.

The SEED portal centralises the place where the community and government come to search for, access, contribute, and share environmental data. Having NSW flood data accessible via SEED enhances the visibility of critical information which can be found alongside other important environmental data. This streamlines discoverability and ultimately empowers scientific research and evidence-based decision-making.

FDP records are searchable in the same way as for any other SEED datasets, and can be found using the ‘Disaster’ category on SEED. However, resources in the FDP records can only be accessed directly via the FDP – Click on the resource on SEED and you will be linked to the FDP to download.

Please note, local councils remain the primary source of flood information for their service areas.

Flood data portal and SEED dataset

Link to the ‘Disaster’ category is here.


[Header image: John Spencer/DPE]

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