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Introducing citations on SEED

Published on Monday, 21 August 2023

SEED's core aim is to enable great decisions for the people of NSW with open access, easy to find, and trusted environmental data, insights, and intelligence. With over 5200 datasets, SEED has explored its data's use, uncovering over 220 references in various publications such as reports, journal articles, books, and conference papers.

Committed to continuous improvement, SEED has introduced an innovative citation feature that allows users to seamlessly copy and paste citations into their work, enhancing data integration. This feature also incorporates a "how is this data used?" function that demonstrates where the dataset has been cited, offering valuable insights to both users and data owners. Citation information is accessed on the main dataset search page or on individual datasets and users can link their own research to a dataset for others to view. This supports evidence-based decision-making and provides increased visibility into data usage.

By making citations available and transparent to the people of NSW, SEED offers tangible examples of the impact and contribution open data has on scientific research and governmental decision making. Moreover, SEED is committed to a user-centric, iterative design approach and will continue to work with the people of NSW to provide data, insights and intelligence required for evidence-based environmental decision making.

Header Image: Peter Robey/DPE

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