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sydney air quality

Featured dataset: NSW Air quality data

Published on Thursday, 17 December 2020

NSW Air quality data is now available to visualise via the SEED map.

Air quality data services is the trusted source of air quality and meteorological data, and users can interactively view the data in real-time across the NSW air quality monitoring network.

Hourly averaged air quality and meteorological data can be viewed for the past 48 hours and last week in a table and chart.

Daily maximum and daily averages of air quality data can be viewed for the last month and last year in a table and chart.

Access to air quality and meteorological data supports communities, policy, research and decision-makers to improve environmental and health management outcomes.

Access the map here.

New developments of this dataset will be added early in 2021, including the availability of indicative site data, so stay tuned for updates.


[Header image: John Yurasek/DPIE]

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