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Yass Daisy

Biodiversity Credits Market Sales Dashboard

Published on Thursday, 1 September 2022

The Biodiversity Credits Market Sales dashboard is now available on SEED.

This dashboard contains data relating to all biodiversity credits created under the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM). It is a searchable, visual tool that allows users to view historical sales and market trends, in a single location.

The BAM Sales Dashboard presents a market overview, the latest prices for ecosystem credits and the latest prices for species credits. It can be used to support:

  • considering the feasibility of a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement
  • business planning for developments
  • costing or pricing biodiversity credits.

You can find more resources including example scenarios and uses, FAQs and user guides on the dashboard page.

There is a short survey on the final page of the dashboard. Your feedback is important to us and will be used for continuous improvement. Please submit your feedback via the survey.

Watch the video below to see a comprehensive demonstration on using the dashboard.

Download a copy of the video transcript

[Header image: Laura Canackle/DPE]

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