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Starting Out

Finding Collaborators and Funding

The information and data that are collected for a citizen science project can be useful for more than just the project group. Discussing the project with local and state government agencies and not-for-profit environmental groups can help refine the project’s aims and identify how the data may be used more broadly. This can also help with identifying project partners and funding opportunities.

Additionally, consider approaching different government agencies and environmental groups to discuss, gain input and support for your project if you think your project could align and add value to their current programs.

Some ideas to get you started:

As a general tip, make sure that you can demonstrate the value and impact of a funder’s contribution to your project, and align this with the organisation’s vision or ethos. Where possible, match each funder’s contributions with other monetary donations or in-kind support for your project. In-kind support may be expertise, the time of your coordinators and project participants, donated equipment, transportation etc. and can be expressed in whole terms or $/hour.