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Involving Citizen Scientists

List Key Activities

The activities of your project must be based on the outcomes the project is seeking and the project tasks should consider your participants’ motivations and their skills.

When defining the activities for your project you should ask yourself:

  • What activities are required to collect data and information for your project?
  • Out of these activities, which are suitable for your project participants?

These are the questions that need to be considered when deciding how participants will be involved in a citizen science project. Compare your target participants' skills with the project’s key activities to determine if and what type of training or outreach material is required.

Examples of activities participants can undertake are:

Examples of activities

After you have an idea about the key activities of your project it is important to discuss these with your participants to assess their suitability for your participants and for the type and quality of data required.

You may also like to involve your participants in defining these key activities which can improve connection to your project and consequent ongoing retention. Refer to the next section to find out more about building and retaining participant interest.