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Citizen Science Digital Hub

Coming soon! 

The SEED Citizen Science Hub is a one-stop-shop for you to explore projects, events and opportunities across NSW. Connect with people, link your project(s) or create a new project using expert step by step guidance to contribute, share and access environmental data through the SEED platform. Discover the impact your contributions can have by being openly available to communities, scientists and decision makers. 

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Key features: 

For Volunteers 

  • Find projects across NSW specific to your interests, skills and availability 
  • Connect with like-minded people to learn new skills, join projects and make direct contact with users 
  • Sign up to projects of interest, keep track of updates, up-coming events and announcements with the Hub notification system 
  • See your contributions on the SEED platform and access live usage statistics to discover how they could be adding to environmental knowledge 

For Project Organisers and Data users 

  • Access best-practice advice through our project handbook, with examples on everything from project initiation, to retaining volunteers, to maximising the ongoing impact of your project  
  • Register your project(s) and add search criteria to make them discoverable by volunteers suited to your project focus, requirements and location
  • Connect with the Hub community and make direct contact with other users to share tips, resources and find volunteers   
  • Add your data so it is widely accessible, increasing the real positive impact it can have on the NSW environment and show your volunteers how important their contributions are. 
  • Access and download data from the hub with ease or seamlessly explore the dataset on the SEED platform, and trust its validity by using our transparent data quality rating.

If you would like to find out more or if you have a project you would like us to showcase on the hub, please contact

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